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Grubby Fingers Aircraft Illustration

Grubby Fingers produces high quality technical profile illustrations and prints of aviation, military and civilian vehicles of all kinds. Select a Category from the list at left and you will be taken to that range of prints.

To view the prints

Please click on a Category in the list at left. This will take you to that Category page. From there you can scroll down and see each of the types on offer. Within each type you can then select the individual prints.

The Illustrations

Grubby Fingers profiles are digitally created illustrations. They are not retouched photos nor do they contain elements or parts of photographs. Everything you see on the profile has been created from scratch, even graphics, emblems and logos. Separate logos and crests that appear around the profile may be supplied from third party sources.

Each illustration starts with collection of references and many hours of research. Photographs are studied and, where practicable, an example of the prototype is studied and photographed. The artist takes every opportunity to collect his own photographic reference by visiting museums and airfields. Much of his personal photographic reference collection is available for viewing and downloading, for personal use only, from the walkaround pages on the Grubby Fingers website. This is a popular destination for scale modellers, 3D modellers, simmers and other illustrators. You will find detail photo galleries of helicopters, aircraft, civil and military vehicles, marine craft and emergency services vehicles.

The Grubby Fingers profile illustrations start life as vector linework created in Adobe Illustrator. This linework is created with constant reference to scale drawings and photographs. Once the artist is confident the linework is as accurate as reasonably possible, the work transfers to Adobe Photoshop. The actual render then takes place in Photoshop. Each subject takes a minimum of 20 hours to complete, with the more complex helos and military aircraft taking upward of 100 hours. For a more complete description of the illustration process, visit the free profile drawing tutorial on the Grubby Fingers website.

The Prints

Grubby Fingers profile prints are all printed on archive grade acid free paper using pigment based inks. The manufacturers claim a 100 year life for their products when properly cared for. The paper is called MOAB Lasal Luster and is made in the U.S.A. by Legion paper and is 300 gsm in weight, which is around three-times heavier than good quality copy paper, about the same as a business card. It has a beautiful semi matt sheen that lends itself well to the subject matter. The prints are printed on a Canon professional iPF5000 inkjet Giclee printer using Lucia pigment inks. This combination of paper, printer and ink produces a very high quality archive and gallery grade acid-free print with brilliant, deep colours and an exceptionally long life span.

The Artist

Grubby Fingers profiles are all created by the one person, Graeme Molineux. With a lifelong fascination for all things either mechanical or aviational, Graemes passion for the subject matter shows in the level of detail and realism he achieves in his work. Graeme is a Graphic Artist and Technical Illustrator with over thirty years industry experience, nearly all of that using Photoshop. He has been creating profile illustrations since 2006.

The Print Range

There are over a hundred prints so far in the ever-increasing Grubby Fingers range. You can see all the current range at the Grubby Fingers online shop: www.shop.grubby-fingers-aircraft-illustration.com.

Commissions, Tribute Prints and Personalisation

If there is a particular subject you are after that is not currently offered by Grubby Fingers, drop us a line with some details and we will get back to you with a quote for your exclusive print. Commissions start at just $150 AUD.

Visit us on Facebook

Grubby Fingers has a presence on Facebook at www.Facebook/Grubby-Fingers-Aircraft-Illustration.com. Like us and become a Fan and we will keep you up to date with all the new stuff at Grubby Fingers, including new print releases, upcoming events and new photo galleries as they are added.
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